Legal information

Legal bases for tachometer adjustment / manipulation / tachometer setting
According to § 22 b StVG the misuse of odometers and speed limiters is punishable by law. However, according to the case-law of the Federal Constitutional Court, software for repair, adjustment or restoration of the original mileage is legal.

According to this jurisprudence, there is no falsification in the sense of § 22 StVG if the odometer is acted on for the purposes of repair, adjustment, conversion or data restoration, because these actions guarantee or restore the correct functioning of the odometer, i.e. on the display the actual mileage of the motor vehicle.

Manipulation of odometers for the purpose of fraud is punishable. Therefore, the following applies to us:

Before placing the order, we need an affidavit on your part, in which you declare that the built-in speedometer is not the one originally installed by the manufacturer, and you would like to have the real mileage set in the used speedometer.

We expressly point out that the installation of tuning products (e.g. modified control units / additional control units etc.) can lead to the loss of the guarantee or warranty obligation of the vehicle manufacturer or vehicle seller. The increase in the performance of motor vehicles requires a re-typing with regard to motor vehicle liability insurance. The buyer is obliged to maintain the insurance cover himself. He releases us from all liability. Liability for damage to other parts and consequential damage (e.g. installation damage, engine damage, etc.) is expressly excluded.

We also expressly point out that the speedometer setting is only carried out for repair purposes.

Is tacho adjustment allowed?
For legal reasons, we are only allowed to adjust a speedometer adjustment/speedometer setting on used or new tachometers, which were not originally installed in this vehicle, to the real actual position. If you have changed your speedometer in the past by a speedometer adjustment and would like to have changed it again, in order not to commit a crime, please contact us for the purpose of a speedometer change to the correct mileage. The speedometer settings are forbidden for leasing and rental vehicles!