Radio code and navigation

Radio code and navigation

We can help with missing radio code if one of the following questions applies to you and your answer is YES:

⇒ The car battery has discharged and you don’t know the code for the radio?
⇒ You bought a used radio and the code or password was not there?
⇒ Your radio is blocked and does not use a code?

It is likely that the inscription “CODE” on your radio will prevent it from running. We find the code in most of the available car radios on the market!

Loggin – Radio Opel is used:
In order to be able to mount the radio in Opel cars, the factory settings must first be restored. This process is also called registering the radio. Only then can you code the radio into a new car. Radio models that are able to:

  • Vauxhall / Opel CC20
  • Vauxhall / Opel CD30
  • Vauxhall / Opel CD30 MP3
  • Vauxhall / Opel Vectra C Center

We can find the navigation codes for the following navigation systems:

  • Alfa Romeo navigation system Siemens
  • Lancia Navigation System Siemens
  • Porsche PCM Navigation Systems Code
  • Blaupunkt Navigation Systems
  • Blaupunkt OEM Systems
  • Mercedes Benz RGB Navigation Alpine
  • Becker 4 and 5-digit code, Navigation Online Pro
  • Carin VDO Navigation
  • Fiat Travel Pilot RNS 3

VAG Group:

  • MCD Series (Audi / Seat / VW / Skoda)
  • MFD-Series (Audi / Seat / VW / Skoda)
  • DX-Series (Audi / Seat / VW / Skoda)
  • DX Plus Series (Audi / Seat / VW / Skoda)