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Repairs of all electronic speedometers and control units of all car brands, as well as motorcycles, programming of immobilizers, repairs of all engine control units, as well as all electronic components installed in vehicles.    DIAGNOSIS IS ALWAYS FREE.
Repairs to instrument clusters and displays. We repair speedometers and control units for cars, motorcycles and quads. Just call us or send us an email – we will help you!
Control unit and monitor repairs for every car, including construction site vehicles, agricultural machinery, trucks, motorcycles, quads, jet skis and much more.
Immobilizer programming, key training, repair of the ignition lock at Mercedes and VAG group, milling of car keys, repair of the ELV at Mercedes and VAG group and much more.
Free diagnosis! We will check your control unit, instrument cluster – FREE – No hidden costs. We have special test benches for all motor vehicles. Programming of data records, our own database with over 16,000 dumps Just give us a call or write us an email – we will help you!

Electronics Repair





Diagnosis free of charge

Cluster and Control units repair.

Perfection through specialization.

Repair of speedometers and electronic parts for passenger cars (including vintage cars), trucks and construction site vehicles. Speedometer repairs and speedometer adjustments for motorcycles, quads, jet skis and all forklifts. Speedometer repair and repair of electronic components for agricultural vehicles (tractors, combine harvesters, etc.).

Furthermore, you are in good hands with us if you have a defective engine control, a missing radio code or a defective navigation system, a defective immobilizer or airbag control or your key simply no longer works. We repair pixel errors and take care of speedometer changes from miles to kilometers and vice versa.

Our company is a young and ambitious team of people for whom information electronics is a passion and a constantly new challenge. We strive to expand continuously and to continuously improve our services and quality. With our many years of experience and a solid technical basis, we try to find and apply optimal solutions for the most unusual tasks.

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